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Jon & I


Posted by glass_doll on 2008.02.27 at 00:25
n and I went to the CAPITOLS game tonight. WE WON!! And we drank a lot

(not the best photo)

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Posted by kiddiegrinderrr on 2008.02.23 at 14:39

Posted by kiddiegrinderrr on 2008.02.23 at 13:06

Everyone please move to fully_baked 

The poll that everyone collectively took voted in favor of that community, so this community now has a closed membership and you can go to fully_baked and apply there, everythings there.

So let's get this shit rolling guys


Jon & I


Posted by glass_doll on 2008.02.22 at 02:23
So Jon's team won their hockey game tonight. And they are #1 in their league :) And he's the best player meaning he'll move up a league next season!!! :) Im so proud of him. And its so cute to watch him play b/c he's soo graceful ont he ice. Even crashing into guys. I just can't skate to save my life.. and watching him fly backwards and weave in and out and stop on a dime.. its so... awesome!

So here are some pix from the day. Katy came over and we smoked. And watched LAW& ORDER: CI...

and there was plenty of puppy playtime!!

with my BIG GULP of wine

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that's my 00

Jon totally sat on the puppy today.. and I almost had a breakdown. SO I made a sign.

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Jon & I

a day at home with 2 puppies

Posted by glass_doll on 2008.02.20 at 11:40

I dont know why my camera is having emotional problems.

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So I was smoking last night the lil eighth I had...
Luckily tonight my BFF Britt called and he got me a half!!

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Posted by kiddiegrinderrr on 2008.02.10 at 12:45
Listening to: Manday Huge - Tic4
So it has come to my attention that everybody has got a lot of confusion as to which community to post to and which ones we really belong to and it's turned into three different communities cos we're a bunch of silly stoners.

I also approved pending requests to join the communities. Sorry it's taken so long for everything.

The way things were supposed to be before was the 420_stoner_stwas out because of too many lurkers, and we created 420_maryjane_ln for application to vote on, and then fully_baked for accepted members.

I definately understand the confusion in all this and I've presented a poll that will be visible to all the communities.

Now, I propose an idea for you all. Whichever community people want more, I will just close the other two.

Let me know your thoughts on this or anything of that matter if you'd like.

Mods gimme an answer.

What community do you wish to call our main community?


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Create a Poll

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take this poll so we can get things organized and just fix up this dumb problem once and for all.

Thank you.

-Justin, your loyal co-moderator.

Jon & I


Posted by glass_doll on 2008.02.08 at 21:24
One of my bestest boy friends, BRITT, texted me last night at 2am (i was sleeping - duh) and said he got me some bud!! So when I woke up this morning I called him and went to pick up an 1/8th of some dank nug

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Jon & I

we're kickin psychedelic funk

Posted by glass_doll on 2008.02.02 at 16:23
So Kristina jsut left. She was so nice.. she rolled me my own joint b/c Im sicky and we were worried about passing germs

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Posted by dr_karma on 2008.02.01 at 00:12
Whats the best home-made way to clean a bong.
i.e. home made solutions?
I've heard rubbing alcohol but I'm a little worried about smoking that.
Also rice with water & shake?

any tips would be helpful


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